Speech requests are meant for us to help to find clubs who welcome speakers from other clubs and have a speaking slot they can help you with, or for clubs who just want fresh faces now and again to stay connected with the wider Toastmasters community.

If you would like to deliver a speech at another club, let us know more about it and we will feature you here.

Gordon Adams, ACG

Gordon Adams has been part of Toastmasters for five years and gained the Advanced Communicator Gold award last year. In 2019 he won the International Speech Contest at Division H level and in the past has also won the Humorous Speech Contest at Area 44 level.

Gordon is a marketing professional and is a published author of both fiction and non-fiction.

Toisin Adedipe

Tosin Adedipe CC

Tosin Adedipe has been a Toastmaster for nearly 4 years and is currently the President of Cranfield Speakers Club and a member of Pegasus Advanced Speakers. 

Tosin has experienced significant growth in her communication and leadership skills from feedback and regular evaluations within her club. Driven by quality evaluations, one of her goals within Toastmasters involves providing inspiring and motivational evaluations to members, which she believes is the cornerstone of club member development.

Outside Toastmasters, Tosin is a PhD researcher in Offshore Wind Energy and currently resides in Milton Keynes.

Violet Cuffy

Violet Cuffy DTM

Violet joined Toastmasters in 2014 as a member of Capital Communicators in Edinburgh where she served in various leadership roles before moving to the University of Bedfordshire as a Senior lecturer in 2016. Violet has just ended her year as president of the advanced club Cornerstones Communicators leading the club to President distinguished for the second time only in its 10 years quite fitting for an anniversary year with 6 members achieving the Distinguished Toastmaster accreditation.

Violet now focuses on Presentations and workshops in the area of Leading High Performance Teams, the Rotary-toastmasters Alliance Programme. She is particularly keen on supporting clubs in D71 in kicking off initiatives under the Rotary-Toastmaster Alliance.

Tony Fasulo ACG

Tony is the current President of Northampton Speakers Toastmaster Club and on the committee of Pegasus Advanced Speakers club. Tony was also former President of Eldergate Speakers Toastmaster club .

Tony specialises in business building, thought leadership and mindset and has mentored, coached, and encouraged many individuals to improve their mindset, so resulting in gaining greater success in their personal careers too. Tony often delivers his messages in a fun, easy to understand manner, so his audiences come away enthused and fully charged to put into practice the messages and actions given.

Andrea Lee

Andrea Lee

Andrea became a Toastmaster in June 2018 when she joined the brand new Stevenage Speakers Club on the first night it opened its doors. Throwing herself wholeheartedly into supporting the fledgling club, she quickly became President and Club Sponsor.

Andrea believes that a large dose of empathy combined with excellent communication skills is key in any organisation, as well as in personal situations.  This inspired her to write a presentation devoted to Conflict Resolution, which she is happy to share with local clubs.

Judy Mallinson, CC, ALB

Judy is President of West Herts Speakers and a member of Pegasus. She joined Toastmasters in 2014 to face her fears of public speaking and has since competed at Area level Evaluation Contests. She has experience in most club officer roles and can give a humorous understanding of them, and the importance of Contests.

Binal Sawjani, DTM

Binal Sawjani, DTM

As a distinguished toastmaster, Binal is a sought-after speaker within her specialist area of inspiring confidence in public speaking. Among the many clubs and projects Binal has been involved with over her time with Toastmasters, she is particularly keen to promote active listening, positive body language, impromptu speaking and speaking online. These projects have been developed into workshops that she is keen to promote to the wider world, external to the Toastmaster community. Binal also runs a ‘Confident Speakers’ lunchtime and an ’Online Orators’ speaking group that enables members to communicate confidently, especially within a professional, corporate environment.

Darren Walton, DTM

Darren Walton, DTM

Darren has been in Toastmasters since 2012. When asked why he decided to become a DTM, Darren said that he never decided to do it, he was led into it by other Toastmasters who provided him with opportunities which eventually gave him enough qualifications to become a DTM.

Darren works closely with his local clubs, pre-charter Swavesey Speakers and the well-established club, Huntingdonshire Speakers. Darren is also a member of Online Orators. Darren created this website and has put himself forward to help other clubs develop their online reputation.

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