18:30Arrivals & netowrking 
19:00Introduce Division DirectorRyan Parke
19:00Welcome & IntroductionsVinette Hoffman-Jackson
19:05Introduce guest speakerRyan Parke
19:07Guest speaker (keynote)Sarina Mann
19:27Introduce awards part 1Ryan Parke
19:28Awards part 1: Club Officers of the YearVicky Lester
 VP Education

VP Membership

 VP Public Relations
 Zoom master/S@A
19:36Interactive entertainment sessionClifford Hurst
19:46BREAK / networking 
19:51Introduce Division DirectorRyan Parke
19:51Contest winnersVinette Hoffman-Jackson
19:56Introduce awards part 2Ryan Parke
19:57Awards part 2: Club Awards 
 Most innovative online meetingMaddy Crisp
 Club recognitionBinal Sawjani
 Long serving membersMaddy Crisp
 Club of the YearBinal Sawjani
20:09Introduce awards part 3Ryan Parke
20:10Awards part 3: Area Director AwardsRyan Parke
 Area H14Sue Burnett
 Area H20Bradley Peters
 Area H32Rose Marie Calder
 Area H44Jono Poon
20:18Interactive entertainment sessionClifford Hurst
20:28Introduce awards part 4Ryan Parke
20:29Awards part 4: Division H AwardsVinette Hoffman-Jackson
 Division Director Award
 Division H Toastmaster of the Year
20:34Introduce first ADRyan Parke
20:35Handing over ceremony 
 Area H14 outgoing to incoming (vision)Sue Burnett & Emmanuel Ogbonna
 Area H20 outgoing to incoming (vision)Bradley Peters & Liz Burnett
 Area H32 outgoing to incoming (vision)Rose Marie Calder & Fiky Wilkinson
 Area H44 outgoing to incoming (vision)Jono Poon & Gabby Owusu Ansah
 Division H Director outgoing to incoming (vision)Vinette Hoffman-Jackson & John Allsop
20:55Introduce District DirectorRyan Parke
20:56Message from our District DirectorGerard Mannix
20:59Close & networking